Yukon Quest 2016: Thanks! (Part 8/8)

March 8, 2016

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I would like first of all be very thankful to Emeric and Faustine. They have spent the most time on the task for pretty much the all winter. They didn’t like days off so I had to put with them every day of the week. They did a lot, and their every day positive attitude was a great extra.

Big thank you to Virginie and Felix who did give more or less three weeks of their lives to follow me around this crazy adventure. Thanks to Felix to lent us his van to pull the trailer and the dogs around Alaska and the Yukon. Thanks to Virginie for coming from France to handle dogs. The first days where hard for her as she had her young son in France. The last day was hard for her as she really was enjoying the experience and it would be hard to leave. Thanks to her family to give her the chance and freedom to come and have fun in the north!

Felix, Hendrik, Faustine, Gaetan, Emeric, Virginie

Felix, Hendrik, Faustine, Gaetan, Emeric, Virginie – Photo: Julien Schroder

Big thank you to Jane who did sew a sled bag for me. This big bag made my life easy to do long travel. I know that it is a big job to build such a bag. Thanks fro letting me use the trailer. So thank you for that and for everything else.

Thank you to Mylène who was helping me in October and early November.

Big thanks to Brian Whilmshurst and Deb Knight. Brian did let me train Magnum, Timi and Scarlet. Deb did let me train Twilight. Without this help I would have had a very small team.

Big thank you to Nancy Tanner who sponsored our rooms in Dawson. Thanks to Frank and Dona to give me some whole salmon to snack my dogs during the race.

Thanks to Sven Haltman for hosting us before the Quest.

Thanks to Michel Bernier to let me ride his snow machine for the all winter. It was the first time in my all mushing life that I had such a tool. It is helpful. Thanks to Cindy for her help on different subjects. Thanks for the food, for the snack and for the fish for the dogs. Always generous.

Big thanks to Hendrick who did build a perfect camp in Dawson. Thanks to my Belgian family for their support.
An other huge thank you goes to the Yukon Quest. For the volunteers, the vets, the officials, the board members, the checkpoint managers, the logistic, the media, the staff, …

And finally thanks to whom I forget. I hope not. If I did please come quick my ass and refresh my memories ;o)

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